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The RMS portal is an FMG-broad, integrated informative platform for research management, developed by the FMG library ICT services. The RMS portal for AISSR has been adjusted to the specific needs of social science research and will address all steps of research management during a project’s life cycle.

The AISSR  RMS will replace the existing ethics portal for ethical approval of projects, and it will standardize data management procedures. The platform provides practical tools by producing ethical review forms, data management plans and support documents like informed consent forms and templates for various other tasks researchers may face whether that is to meet funders’ requirements and/or set up their research.

Moreover, through the RMS portal researchers can find information or seek guidance on how to comply to the European privacy law as well as UvA and AISSR guidelines for data management and ethics. Specifically, information on ethical clearance, UvA networked services for data storage, sharing and archiving will be easily accessible through the portal.

Lastly, the new platform will serve as the administrative hub of a research project where the researcher can easily retrieve relevant documents or contact AISSR research support staff such as the data stewards.


Currently the RMS portal is being tested and finalized and in December 2022 it will launch for our institute. Researchers will be able to access the RMS portal with their UvAnetID credentials. During the expected transition period, projects registered for ethics approval in the current ethics portal will be finalized there, no double submission will be required.

More information on the launching day and instructions on how to register your project in the RMS will be communicated the coming period.

The AISSR bureau is looking forward to the introduction of this new tool and we hope that it will make a difference in the efficient managing of research projects!