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Results: 1 - 20 of 38
  • Operationalizing the Landscape Approach: a study with the COLANDS program in Indonesia

    The Landscape Approach in practice – learning lessons with indigenous communities in Kapuas Hulu

  • Inclusive Business for Food and Nutrition Security

    How can Inclusive Business models contribute to more inclusive and sustainable food systems in low and middle income countries? This is the question that the following report tries to answer by looking at collected evidence from the Global ...

  • Conceptualizing inclusiveness of smallholder value chain integration

    How does the integration of smallholders in high-end value chains work in terms of inclusivity? The following research aims to answer and conceptualise this idea of inclusiveness in value chain integration that, in their own words, has been sold ...

  • master marine biology
    Towards a Sustainable and Equitable Blue Economy

    This following article brings forward the voices of researchers across the globe who together highlight the cost of viewing our oceans increasingly as economic opportunities and not harbouring enough interest for their sustainability. They ...

  • Unintended Consequences: Towards a Theory of Adverse Inclusion

    The period of sustainable development has seen a reduction in international inequalities. Yet, intranational inequalities and new forms of ecological degradation have increased. Daniel Sloman is theorizing about the circumstances under which ...

  • MARE
    Blue Lifeblood: 10th MARE “People and the Sea” Conference

    I come across it wherever I go: blue lifeblood, blue lifeblood, blue lifeblood. Last month marked the 10th edition of the MARE “People and the Sea” conference. In this article, we explore why the conference theme was “time”, as well as the ...

  • Javier Kini
    Leaving No Woman Behind

    What does a gender aware and inclusive business model look like? UvA researcher Janvier Kini shares his insights on this topic based on case studies with Burkinabe women's groups.

  • MARE Centre for Maritime Research
    An Overview of the Center for Maritime Research (MARE)

    MARE was established in 2000 at the University of Amsterdam. This June the 10th international People and the Sea Conference will take place in Amsterdam, with ‘Learning from the past, imagining the future' as the theme. I sat down with Maarten ...

  • Econometric Game 2016
    How Econometrics Provides a New Angle in Climate Change Research

    In April the 20th edition of the Econometric Game (EG) took place, hosted by the University of Amsterdam and the study association for Actuarial Science, Econometrics & Operational Research (VSAE). During the three-day event, delegations from ...

  • Cody Babani
    Let’s talk about Social Business: An interview with Coby Babani

    Within a capitalist system, there exist both profit maximizing businesses which aim to encourage capital gains, and non-profit organisations which are committed to enhancing social ambitions (Yunus et al, 2010). A social business arguably ...

  • Philip Schleifer
    Outsourcing governance: The current state of multi-stakeholder initiatives

  • Heidi Wilson
    The Future of Festivals

    With summer just around the corner, festival season is fast approaching. For many of us, attending at least one festival is almost a given. Excitement builds up in anticipation of the brief escape from reality, filled with memorable moments, your ...

  • Flooding
    Natural Disasters, Cities and Resilience

    Around the world extreme weather events intensify, driven by climate change. Combined with a population growth that is becoming increasingly urban at an astonishing rate “we’re approaching a tipping point for the safety of cities all over the ...

  • Malaysia Park
    The Growth of Greener Cities in the Global South: An Environmental Justice Perspective

    Globally speaking, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of urbanisation. According to the UN population division report, urban areas currently accommodate 55% of the population, however this figure is predicted to rise to 68% within the ...

  • Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
    Achieving the SDGs: A gender perspective

    On the occasion of the International Women Day, celebrated on 8th March, we look at the relevance of Gender Equality as one of the pillars for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Although a gender based approach is vital for developing ...

  • Shamsia D
    Engendered Development – The Why and How of Women Empowerment

    The background of the 5th development goal ‘Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment’ is the consistent discrimination and violence against women in every part of the world. Gender equality, as stated by the UN, is a “necessary foundation for a ...

  • Nicky Pouw
    Interview with an expert

    For this month’s newsletter we got to ask UvA’s Nicky Pouw a few questions about her thoughts on gender equality, women’s empowerment and how her work is related to the SDG 5. Pouw is an associate Professor at the Governance and Inclusive ...

  • City London Lloyds
    The City of Tomorrow

    Many years ago, when most people were farmers, the cities were small. You wouldn’t call them cities, but rather you would say they were towns. A town was where you had the train station, the bank, the general store, and maybe a harbour. With an ...

  • Birds at Schiphol Airport
    What about our own carbon footprint as researchers?

    ‘I feel flying is very uncomfortable. You are packed and stuck in a plane for hours. But you simply have to! There is no other way!’ This was what an acquaintance said to me last year when he was talking about his yearly trip to Thailand. ‘Well, ...

  • World Bank via Flickr ( 

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
    Yes, we still need to talk about the intersection of gender and climate change

    Climate change remains one of the greatest threats to achieving sustainable development, and its effects often fall hardest on women. I have written this blog to share several points that I find important after reading articles and blogs tackling ...