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Hereby we open the call for interest for creating a post-doctoral position. We offer 4 two-year post-doc positions, funded by the AISSR.

Deadline: Friday 25 March 2022, by emailing the necessary documents (see below) to  
The AISSR will provide additional support to grant applicants and mid-career scholars who since March 1, 2016, have developed proposals for larger projects but have not (yet) been funded. In particular, we want to support colleagues who applied for VIDI, ERC Starting (or a similar or larger size-project grant for establishing a small team at AISSR) but did not receive the award.  
Concretely, the programme council agreed to offer 4 two-year post-doc positions (one for each Department, if possible, depending on the applications) to be recruited / appointed by mid-career scholars in this category. In addition, 4 small grants of 10K will be offered in case of applicants who are not successful in the post-doc competition. 

Candidates are asked to submit a short version of (one of their) previous proposals (maximum 5 pages, for example the ERC B1), and a letter of motivation which outlines which part of the project can be done collaboratively with a post-doctoral researcher. Therein, the candidate also needs to make the case that their rejected proposal is still part of their ongoing research agenda, and that collaborative work with a post-doc will contribute to developing a new version of the proposal, help advance their research agenda, with a pilot study, publication and/or data-gathering.   
Applicants should have applied with a developed proposal for a larger project in the past, which was submitted after March 2016 and now, but has not been funded.  A committee, of prof. John Grin, Yomi van der Veen, and 2 volunteers from the Programme Council will then select the 4 proposals. We aim to fund one proposal per department.  

Who can apply? 
The target group are mid-career scholars, with a permanent or tenure-track position at AISSR, who have applied for a large project-based grants but were ultimately unsuccessful.  
Candidates who received or are in the running for another large grant are excluded from the competition.  
Candidates who have successively applied to multiple competitions (for example VIDI + Starting; VIDI + Consolidator; or a similar or larger size-project grant) and were not successful will be prioritized.  
The AISSR committee will make its own assessment, independent of the outcome and reviews of the grant body competition (for example, we may decide to select a really innovative proposal that was assessed as ‘too risky’ by reviewers).