Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)


  • Karen Maex-foto-Tom Feenstra

    Towards mainstreaming the SDGs in the University

    From stimulating interdisciplinary research to lowering the brightness of computer screens. Universities have an important role in contributing to achieving the SDGs. Prof. Dr. Karen Maex, rector Magnificus of the University of Amsterdam, ...

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  • Logo CSDS

    Indonesian-Dutch Youth Dialogue for a Sustainable Future

    On 7 June 2017, the CSDS of the University of Amsterdam successfully organized the first Indonesian-Dutch Youth Dialogue for a Sustainable Future: Exploring bilateral partnership on youth development and engagement towards the Sustainable ...

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  • Agroecology Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico and the cultivation of food sovereignty

    Destroyed electric grid? Check. Limited access to potable water? Check. Collapse of the agricultural system? Hang on. That happened before the hurricane.

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  • Give Directly

    Am I worth it? Evaluation of cash transfers as a benchmark for development.

    Are you worth it? Every self-critical development practitioner ought to ask themselves whether their presence (or more importantly their salary) is worth it. How do you decide whether the project you are working on is the best way to spend scarce ...

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