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Results: 1 - 18 of 18
  • FlickrCC
    Losing Nemo – The importance of coral reefs

    Coral reefs are vital for humankind. However, in the media, coral reefs are often only portrayed as beautiful structures perfect for scuba diving adventures. From an environmental, economic and social perspective, reefs are so much more!

  • Welcome to the future road sign
    Beat the system with its own weapons

    Young generations today have grown up in a world where climate change is a fact. Though still denied by many politicians today, science and educational programs are actively promoting the narrative that humans are influencing the climate. And ...

  • The History of Global Climate Governance
    Climate-resilient Development Pathways

    The past month, the recent COP24 held in Katowice Poland occupied headlines of news articles and has been the subject of tweets and posts on different social media platforms. The important gathering where governments discussed and agreed on how ...

  • Subnational actors calling for recognition at COP24

    I believe when most think of international agreements on climate change action, e.g. the Paris Agreement, they think primarily of the actors involved as nation-states. However, one of the outtakes from the Paris Agreement is how subnational ...

  • SDG 13
    COP24: A book of ‘Rules’ to save the planet

    After two weeks of intense discussions, negotiators from 196 countries at the UN conference on climate change (COP24), finally settled a rulebook to implement the Paris Climate Accord and tackle the climate change. Although several measures were ...

  • SDG 12
    Christmas(s) consumption

    This blog discusses sustainable Christmas consumption in line with the 12th Goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

  • Sustainable farming
    Time to Mainstream the Alternative

    The current food and farming systems around the world are under pressure and face major sustainability issues driven by industrial agriculture which dominates the current agricultural landscape driving environmental degradation to socioeconomic ...

  • Christmas Drinks
    Christmas, Consumption and Cookies

    This month's focus is on 'responsible consumption' (SDG 12). Read Frederike Schneider's (23), student economic geography, blog on the topic below!

  • x
    What to do with Shenzhen’s urban villages?

    The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is globally renowned as a booming tech town but nestled between its gleaming skyscrapers, there is another side of the city –- dense and dilapidated residential enclaves known as urban villages. They have ...

  • Martina Vittoria Sottini
    Nomadic Modernity

    In line with SDG 11 "Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable," this blog post considers certain challenges being faced in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city.

  • Amsterdam-Water-Science-homepage
    Read more about the sessions on ´Delta Dynamics: Dutch masterplans and SDGs´

    Dr. Giacomo Galli, Andres Verzijl, Dr. Arjen Zegwaard and Prof. Margreet Zwarteveen offered an account of the “Delta Dynamics: Dutch masterplans and SDGs” sessions at the CSDS conference. Read more about the sessions and the discussion below!

  • Afghan children
    Afghanistan: When Conflict meets Education, Desire and Hope

  • Laggan Dam Scotland
    SMART Thinking

    With many acclaimed publications, there is no doubt that the Canadian journalist and author Naomi Klein is smart. In her 2014 book This Changes Everything, she passionately argues that capitalism must be confronted if climate change is to ...

  • Pouw Gender
    Integrating gender and wellbeing in economics

    Economics claims to be a gender-neutral domain and assumes that individuals are rational decision makers. However, economic theories and methods have been developed and applied from a one-sided, male view of the economy. In her new book, ...

  • Give Directly
    Am I worth it? Evaluation of cash transfers as a benchmark for development.

    Are you worth it? Every self-critical development practitioner ought to ask themselves whether their presence (or more importantly their salary) is worth it. How do you decide whether the project you are working on is the best way to spend scarce ...

  • Agroecology Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico and the cultivation of food sovereignty

    Destroyed electric grid? Check. Limited access to potable water? Check. Collapse of the agricultural system? Hang on. That happened before the hurricane.

  • Logo CSDS
    Indonesian-Dutch Youth Dialogue for a Sustainable Future

    On 7 June 2017, the CSDS of the University of Amsterdam successfully organized the first Indonesian-Dutch Youth Dialogue for a Sustainable Future: Exploring bilateral partnership on youth development and engagement towards the Sustainable ...

  • Karen Maex-foto-Tom Feenstra
    Towards mainstreaming the SDGs in the University

    From stimulating interdisciplinary research to lowering the brightness of computer screens. Universities have an important role in contributing to achieving the SDGs. Prof. Dr. Karen Maex, rector Magnificus of the University of Amsterdam, ...