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Sustainability Dialogues

Centre for Sustainable Development Studies

This seminar series aims at bridging the academic debates on sustainability with other societal actors, including citizens, practitioners, policymakers, artists, media representatives and others. Gathering scholars and non-academic speakers from multiple origins to debate cutting-edge topics in the field of sustainability studies, the seminars will provide a stage for co-learning by bridging academic and non-academic knowledge together. Topics will be selected according to demands from these actors. This bottom-up strategy will support increased engagement as topics will be related to emerging debates, special media attention, or policy demands. These topics may range from regional (e.g., national and the EU) to global (e.g., transnational, North-South).

Initiative Coordinators

For more information about the initiative, please contact the initiative team.

Dr F. (Fabio) de Castro

Faculty of Humanities


Dr. M.A.F. (Mirjam) Ros-Tonen

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Governance and Inclusive Development