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Master’s in International Development Studies

International Development Studies focuses on global development issues. In an increasingly interconnected world, several cities and regions have successfully adjusted to the processes of economic globalisation and show high growth rates; simultaneously, processes of impoverishment and exclusion occur all over the world, both in the North and South.
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Research Master’s in International Development Studies

The Research Master International Development Studies focuses on development processes and transformations and shifting balances of power in the Global South. During the programme, you will discuss societal transformation and development trajectories (livelihood trajectories and urban to national trajectories).Also the underlying interplay between social, political, economic, environmental and cultural factors, at multiple levels of governance will be discussed, focusing on inequalities and social justice in current issues.
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Master’s Track in Environmental Geography 

The Master's in Environmental Geography focuses on human-ecosystem interactions and is well-placed to throw light on the daunting environmental challenges facing our planet. It could be argued that we have gone beyond the Earth’s carrying capacity and are approaching planetary boundaries. Other arguments hold that human ingenuity will equip us to deal with new challenges in the future. This programme focuses on the relationship between humans and their ecosystems. 
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Research Master's Business in Society

The research Master's programme Business in Society addresses the intricate relationships between business and society, as can be seen in grand challenges posed by e.g. the financial crisis, society’s request for ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility, and the need for sustainability. 

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Lecture Series: Avoiding Water Wars 

The lecture series “Avoiding Water Wars” highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with fresh and salt water in developing nations. Fresh water is an essential resource for human life, but with the growth of the human population and its economic development, however, demands on fresh water resources often exceed supply. On the other hand, there are also many issues surrounding the use of salt water resources. The course will look into challenges such as overfishing, pollution and industrialization, phenomena such as ocean grabbing and fishing wars. This lecture series is an exciting opportunity for bachelor students to gain insight into development thinking with a particular focus on water.            

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