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November and December are arguably our busiest shopping days with phenomenas such as black Friday, cyber Monday and the tangible stress to find the perfect gifts for the holidays. Thus, we thought it would be in order to focus on the first half of the 12th Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible Consumption.

During the month December several activities in and around Amsterdam can be found to make your consumption pattern more sustainable.

Sustainable consumption is basically whether you spend your money in a sustainable way. For example, think about how your spending habits, such as food choices, affect the environment, but also about how your spending behavior can help reduce poverty or create equality. Of course, with Christmas coming up, it is almost that time of year again when we spend and consume lusciously, which creates this great opportunity to rethink our spending habits and how this affects the world. In order to help you with this difficult task, we have put together some tips and events for this month.


Buurderij de Ceuvel: Buy your food from your farmer
Every Tuesday between 17:00 and 19:00 @ Café de Ceuvel
Get you Christmas meal to be sustainable and you’ll have a good story to tell on your food. By buying your food directly from the farmer, you help reduce food waste and farmers will receive a fairer price for their products. Besides, it’s fun to meet the farmer whom can give you great tips on how to cook his or her products. Subscribe at their website and order your products online before Sunday evening at your farmer of choice. Afterwards, you can collect your goods on Tuesday at Café de Ceuvel.


Van Amsterdamse Bodem: a collective of all sustainable initiatives of Amsterdam
Van Amsterdamse bodem is a site where all sustainable citizens initiatives of Amsterdam are collected. You can visit or participate in existing ones or contribute through your own initiative. You can discover all sorts of things, for example how to make you own compost, how to grow your own food inside the city, and how to best recycle.


The Christmas Tree Forest
Tuin aan Zee, aan de Willemsluis, Buiksloterweg 9, Amsterdam
Are you tired of buying a new Christmas tree every year and do you feel sad every time you have to let that beauty go every year? That belongs to the past, since Amsterdam is the proud owner of a Christmas Tree Forest. For just 18 euros you can reserve a Christmas tree, which you can take home on the 16th of 17th of December. After Christmas you can return your tree, so it can stay with its fellow trees the rest of the year and wait for you to come pick it up next year.


TooGoodToGo App
This is not an event really, but it’s a very helpful tool for you to get good deals on good food and stop waste in the food industry. Did you know we throw away 1/3 of all the food we produce? TooGoodToGo helps put a stop to this. Through this app you can buy unsold food, from for example bakeries and restaurants, for a fraction of the value it represents handed to you in a Magic Box.


Fizz Clothing Swap 2.0
Sunday 9 December 15:00 – 17:00 @ Jan van Galenstraat 1061 Amsterdam
Of course, the holidays demand a new fashionable outfit, but you know just how polluting the clothing industry is and under what circumstances most factory workers have to work… Just how to solve this dilemma? Well by Fizz Clothing Swap, bring the clothes you don’t wear anymore and score that outfit in the most economic and sustainable way ever.


Voor Elke Amsterdammer een Boom

The holidays are, of course, a time of giving. Sometimes it is just so hard to find the right gift. This year De Gezonde Stad has made giving a unique and sustainable gift super easy. Now you can give somebody his or her own tree for Christmas. Just pick a tree and a place and they’ll provide the rest. Best thing of all, it’s completely free!


New Year, new sustainable business

Tuesday 11 December 18:30 – 21:45 @ Impact Hub - 2C Linnaeusstraat, Amsterdam

This year is ending up and perhaps some of you are already thinking of starting a new business or reform your existing one. Well, Thomas Van der Molen, a systems thinker on sustainable business, has developed a workshop aimed for startups that want to challenge the today’s market and develop a business model with more realistic assumptions and hypotheses about the sustainability of your industry model as a whole and how it interrelates within its context. Its 9 euros but if you are already a member of the Impact Hub the workshop is FREE.


Christmas dinner within a Conscious Kitchen

Sunday 9 December @ Witte de Withstraat 127 The Hague

It is almost impossible to explain the level of frustration that comes when we hear about the amounts of food that is wasted every day from the markets. For that reason, few years ago a collective of volunteers in The Hague created the Conscious Kitchen, a group of people that every week pick up bulks of fruits and veggies from the Haagse Markt that would otherwise be thrown away and create vegan dishes for around 70 people every week. For Christmas, the menu consists of a soup, salad, main course and, if you’re on time, dessert. As the Collective runs on donations, there is a minimum of €5 for live music and food. You can also pay by helping with the cooking or the cleaning.