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Conference on Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals

3rd CSDS Conference

The third Conference on Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals took place on the 26th and 27th of January. CSDS would like to thank the more than 1000 participants who tuned in from all over the world, as well as the more than 200 speakers for their invaluable contributions. The various conference outputs, such as the recordings of the plenary sessions, conference music, the videos of the video-pitch contest winners, and more, can be found on this page.

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  • Programme

    The conference programme contained three plenary session and 30 panel sessions. The panel sessions emerged in a variety of formats – presentations, roundtables, panels and workshop – and were organised in five overarching conference themes:

    1. Education, emergencies and protracted crisis
    2. Education for sustainable development
    3. Decolonizing education
    4. Inclusive education pedagogies
    5. Inclusive learning spaces

    Interested in the conclusions drawn from particular sessions? The conference summary is available here

  • CSDS Conference Podcast

    What did professor Joyeeta Gupta and SDG coordinator Sandra Pellegrom learn from the third CSDS conference? In the DevelopCast, the podcast of the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies, they draw their conclusions. Professor Gupta was surprised by the fact that one educational leader mentioned ‘degrowth’ at their own initiative. Sandra concluded that research and practice need to collaborate to solve the ‘wicked’ problems the SDGs address. Interested in what else they had to say?

  • Plenary Sessions Recordings

    The recordings of the plenary sessions of the 3rd CSDS Conference can be found below.

    CSDS Conference 2021 | Opening plenary
    In the opening plenary, the provosts of 4 Dutch higher educational institutes respond to questions about pressing issues of social and ecological inequality posed by a variety of social movements, displayed to them at the beginning of the session in a short video.
    CSDS Conference 2021 | Mario Novelli Keynote
    In his keynote, Mario Novelli explores the field of Education and International Development and reflects on some of its contemporary challenges, blindspots, and absences –– some of these are unique to education – but many are also inflected in the broader debate around International Development in an age of increasing global inequality, conflicts, pandemic and climate crises.
    CSDS Conference 2021 | Closing plenary
    The closing plenary tries to identify some of the ‘lessons learned’ at the conference together with Geert ten Dam and several deans of the University of Amsterdam.
  • Video-pitch Contest Winners

    The winners of the CSDS Video-pitch contest are Arthur Rempel (at the PhD level) and Maitreyi Koduganti Venkata (at the MSc level). Arthur is a PhD student at University of Amsterdam, and presented his PhD research conducted under the preliminary title: “Leaving Fossil Fuel Underground and Inclusive Development”. Maitreyi is a Masters student at IHE-Delft, Institute for Water Education, and presented her thesis research titled “Salt and Emotions: Understating the role of groundwater salinity in shaping bodily experiences and emotions in Lodhva, Gujarat, India.”

    The jury, composed of researchers from both CSDS and IHE Delft, were impressed by Maitreyi’s clarity and the way in which she was able to connect groundwater issues with social inequalities. They valued Arthur’s pitch for its creativity, clarity and relevance. The interesting and rather telling graphs very much compensated the somewhat lesser quality of the video’s sound in the expert panel’s opinion.

    Maitreyi Koduganti Venkata’s winning video-pitch
    Arthur Rempel’s winning video-pitch
  • Conference Music

    During the closing session of the conference, Dutch artist Kiki Schippers performed a song she wrote based on her observations during the two conference days. The lyrics of her song "Maybe we should teach for emergencies" can be downloaded here. CSDS would like to thank Kiki for her performance and conference reflections!

  • Social Movements Video

    In the opening session of the CSDS conference, the rectors of 4 higher educational institutes in the Netherlands responded to questions posed by a variety of social movements. These questions were compiled in a video and shared with the rectors prior to the conference. CSDS would like to thank University Rebellion NL, Our Bodies Our Voices UvA, UN Youth Impact, Black Ladies of Groningen and Association for Refugee Students UAF for their input.

    CSDS Conference Opening - Social Movements Video
  • Organising Committee
    Joyeeta Gupta
    Director Centre for Sustainable Development Studies
    Maarten Bavinck
    Host & Director Centre for Sustainable Development Studies
    Mieke Lopes Cardozo
    Ass. Professor Education and Inclusive Development, UvA
    Roxana Dumitrescu
    Programme Coordinator Msc Research Student UvA
    Diana Hmelevska
    Event Producer Msc. Business Administration UvA
    Floris Burgers
    Communications Coordinator Visiting PhD Fellow, UvA


    Sidsel Petersen – E-mail Campaign

    Valeria Muleavin – Social Media Campaign

    Marinde Vos – Platform Management

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    Julia de Groot – Design and Social Media Campaign

    Daniella Vento – Media Campaign

    Nashia Ajaz – Event Support

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    Arthur Rempel – Event support

  • Participation Survey

    The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies invites all participants and speakers to give their view on the 3rd conference on Critical Perspectives on Governance by the Sustainable Development Goals. Did you take part in the conference and would you like help us make our next conference even more accessible, inclusive and interesting than the third edition? Fill out our participation survey!

  • Certificate of Participation

    Did you participate in the CSDS conference and would you like to receive a participation certificate? Request one at the end of the conference survey. Please note the certificate will only be issued if you have participated in at least 5 sessions (plenaries count as sessions too). The certificate will be sent to you if you indicate you wish to receive one at the end of the survey.