Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)

World Environment Day

5 June 2017

World Environment Day (WED) is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action. By fostering awareness and mobilization, WED is a global event that values individual and collective action on environmental issues worldwide. Since it began through a 1974 UN Environment initiative, it takes place every 5th of June, and it celebrates good environmental practices.

Other than serving as an international platform for action, WED is about people; for this year’s WED, millions of people around the globe are invited to “connect with nature.” This year’s theme invites everyone to think about the value of nature and encourages its appreciation. In this sense, nature’s gifts are to be applauded and treasured on the 5th of June. While WED encourages everyone to spare a day to positive environment action,  such efforts can also be incorporated into an individual’s daily routine.

In this vein, David Attenborough, the award-winning broadcaster and narrator of the documentary series Planet Earth, reminds us in a UN interview that “if you lose passion for nature you’ve lost one of more precious things human beings have. It is the source of everything we find beautiful.” 

Canada is hosting this year’s WED event, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is excited  to play host, stating, “it will be an occasion to celebrate our connections to our environment and to each other.” Moreover, as part of the celebration, Canada has announced that Parks Canada will be offering free passes to national parks all over the country,not only on the 5th of June, but throughout the year.

Though Canada is hosting this year’s event, everyone from everywhere is invited, and there are many ways to participate. Possible ways to celebrate across Europe include having a beautiful day at a nature reserve for free in Russia, visiting the ‘Ferme a Roulettes’ in Geneva and learning about organic agriculture, celebrating nature in Brussels, and much more.

You can join WED’s global media album by sharing videos and pictures of your favourite spot in nature. Through this album, you can vicariously explore the wonders of nature across the globe. Furthermore, you can sign up on WED’s website for more information about events near you. The World Environment Day is by the people, for the people-- simply share your love of nature and connect with it in any way you can.

Check WED’s website for details of this year’s campaign and events near you, and get motivated to be a part of such an inspiring initiative. 


Written by CSDS Intern Mariana Berganton


Published by  AISSR