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INEA June 2017 Edition

Special Issue: The International Governance of Energy Subsidies

12 June 2017

The International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics (INEA) journal has officially released the June edition, which is available online.

In this issue, there are nine articles:

Introduction to the special issue: Energy subsidies at the intersection of climate, energy, and trade governance by T. Van de Graaf and H. van Asselt

Removing fuel subsidies: How can international organizations support national policy reforms? by J.E. Smith and J. Urpelainen

The devil lies in the definition: Competing approaches to fossil fuel subsidies at the IMF and the OECD by J. Skovgaard

Erratum to: The devil lies in the definition: competing approaches to fossil fuel subsidies at the IMF and the OECD by J. Skovgaard

Seizing the opportunity: Tackling fossil fuel subsidies under the UNFCCC by H. van Asselt and K. Kulovesi

Energy transitions and trade law: Lessons from the reform of fisheries subsidies by M.A. Young

Explaining energy disputes at the World Trade Organization by T. Meyer

No iceburg in sight: On the absence of WTO disputes challenging fossil fuel subsidies by D. De Bievre, I. Espa, and A. Poletti

Market definition as value reconciliation: The case of renewable energy promotion under the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures by H. Kalimo, F. Sedefov, and M.S. Jansson

About INEA

INEA is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal concerned with cooperative solutions to international environmental issues.  Specifically, it focuses on the theoretical, methodological, and practical dimensions of these solutions.  Currently, there are 17 volumes published online.


Written by CSDS Intern Megan Romania

Published by  AISSR