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Film Screening: N.G.O. Nothing Going On

In Africa, if you want to be rich, create a Rebel Group, a Church or an NGO.

12 September 2017

What appears to be at first a light-hearted and entertaining comedy on how Ugandans interact with Western foreigners who want to help the poor in the country, is at its core a deep critical reflection on the exponential growth of NGOs in Uganda – if not the sub-Saharan African continent.

For the Congolese filmmaker Arnold Aganze, the NGO sector is an industry that perpetuates aid dependency, serves as a source of income while at the same time distorts society and culture. In his critique, he refers to both Western and African NGOs alike. 'I am as critical of my own society as I am of Western ones'.




Date:   10 October 2017

Time:   18.00 - 21.00

Venue: Roeterseiland Campus, Building M, Room: 1.03


 Trailer and interview with the filmmaker


Registration: No registration required. A small donation for the filmmakers who kindly agreed to screen this movie for free would be highly appreciated! Suggested donation per participant: EUR 5


The movie is brought to you by the Education and Development Research Cluster & Governance and Inclusive Development Programme Group



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