Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)

New conceptual note booklet: Environment and Sustainable Development

31 May 2017

Students who took the bachelor Environment and Sustainable Development course compiled a booklet with conceptual notes related to the environment/development interface.

The booklet, edited by Mirjam Ros-Tonen and Andres Verzijl of the Geography, Planning and International Development Studies (GPIO) department, consists of about 50 concepts that the lecturers considered relevant for the topic of the course.  The concepts are grouped as general concepts; radical and reformist environmental discourses; theoretical approaches; concrete environmental problems such as climate change, pressure on natural resources, deforestation, and mining; strategies that aim to reconcile development and environmental concerns; and new social and environmental movements, such as La Via Campesina, Sumak Kawsay or Buen Vivir, and movements advocating ecological, water or climate justice. The booklet is available via the link below.

Published by  AISSR