Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)

NWO/WOTRO funding to study knowledge co-creation and joint learning in Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&B KP) projects

31 May 2017

NWO/WOTRO has awarded a postdoc project, submitted by Mirjam Ros-Tonen of the Governance and Inclusive Development programme group at AISSR and to be carried out by Edith van Ewijk, to unravel knowledge brokering, learning and knowledge co-creation in two F&B KP consortia and their networks.

Through a systematic literature review and comparative action research, the project aims to generate insight into:

  1. How knowledge co-creation and learning processes are organised;
  2. How and under what conditions knowledge co-creation involving local people’s tacit knowledge, practitioners’ experiential knowledge, and researchers’ generalized knowledge can lead to better research uptake; and
  3. The prospects of institutionalising the processes after project closure.

The study will focus on learning platforms in the practitioners-driven TREEFARMS project, Ghana (applied research) and the researchers-driven Inclusive Value Chain Collaboration project in Ghana and South Africa (integrated programme). The project will compare knowledge co-creation and learning between countries and from two different entry points for transdisciplinary research, while connecting those to the F&B KP as a third learning platform.

Deliverables include a systematic literature review on knowledge brokering/co-creation and joint learning in transdisciplinary contexts; insights into how these processes materialise within the F&B KP; and a framework for implementation in other contexts. Results will be published in peer-reviewed articles and tailor-made outputs.

The research is part of the Science for Using Research – SURe – call financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Published by  AISSR