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Interns of 2016-2017

Every year the CSDS hires new interns to investigate issues related to sustainability and development. See who has joined the team for 2016-2017!

Mariana Berganton

Mariana is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but did her Bachelors degree in London, UK, in International Relations and French. She then wanted to pursue a career in International Development Studies, hence why she is now doing a Masters in the same field at the University of Amsterdam. Her main interest concerning sustainable development is the risk of climate change in the developing world, including mitigation and adaptation. She is interested in both the communal aspect of coming up with sustainable alternatives and the perspectives of enterprises, governments, and international organisations.

Adele Ghiselli


While growing up in the countryside of Bologna, Italy, Adele studied political sciences and started becoming interested in sustainability issues. Her studies in politics drove her through different disciplines and practices. She sees sustainability as being not only a one-way lane, but also as a chance for a revival of the political debate and for re-centering politics around key issues of social justice. She’s now a student in the Masters in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Maria Hagan

Maria is British/French writer who studied English and Irish literature in Dublin before working as an arts and culture journalist for Time Out Paris. She moved to Amsterdam to start a Research Masters in International Development Studies, and would like to use her background in writing and the arts to explore how cultural initiatives around Amsterdam are used to promote sustainable lifestyles and raise awareness of development issues. She is particularly interested in highlighting the ability for art to act as a bridge between scientific research and the general public.

Megan Romania

Megan is an American who is currently studying a Research Masters in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her past education includes dual Bachelors degrees in Philosophy and Community, Environment, and Development, as well as a minor in French from The Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include analyzing gender sensitive policy approaches to environmental resources, environmental (and specifically energy) policies, fossil fuels, and the shift to renewable energy.

Maral Shafafy

Maral, who is from England, is a graduate of law in French and French law from the University of Nottingham. Before joining the University of Amsterdam, she worked in Argentina as an English teacher and a freelance writer. She is now a student in the Research Masters in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and her main research interests include gender inequality and urban violence.

Katharina Vlaanderen

Katharina is from the Netherlands and holds a Bachelors degree in Future Planet Studies, with a major in Human Geography. Future Planet Studies is a relatively new interdisciplinary course at the UvA that focuses on the global problems we will have to face in the future. Climate change, food production, and water scarcity are important themes within this course. After she finished her first degree, she took a break from her studies to intern as editor and content marketer for Follow the Money, a digital platform for investigative journalism. At the moment she is a Masters student enrolled in Environmental Geography at the UvA.